Matthieu Bodin

Innovation & Startups

Based in the Netherlands after 13 years in Greater China (Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai).
I have worked at startups, Fortune 500 companies, and innovation firms in five countries.
Currently working as Venture Builder at Mach49 where we help global businesses build a pipeline and portfolio of new ventures to drive disruptive growth.

Tools I use

Since 2011, I have been fortunate to help founders, community builders, and innovators get to the next stage of their adventures.Previously an entrepreneur, I speak honestly and with compassion about the startup creation journey.I have been able to get on stage, in the media, and become a mentor through various engagements.

Some of my engagements:
- Work as Venture Builder at Mach49 (?)
- Curate a list of Corporate Venture Builders in Europe
- Advise Marllm which helps businesses get more leads
- Angel Invest and help early-stage startups with Strategy, Execution, and Pitching
Recent Talks:
- "Cross-Pollination Magic: How Venture Building Innovates at the Intersection of Disciplines"
- "Venturing, Hong Kong, and Luxury"
- Bloomberg: "Backing China's Next Wave of Startup Stars"


Innovation programs, speaking at an event, mentoring founders, coaching early-stage entrepreneurs, venture building, or something else.
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