Matthieu Bodin

Entrepreneur & Community Builder


Matthieu Bodin is an entrepreneur and community builder. As Regional Manager for Techstars in Greater China, he works with 200+ community leaders in 17 different cities to empower project creators across the region.

Techstars is the Worldwide Network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. We run 46+ mentorship-driven accelerators and over 1,050 startup programs, impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands around the world.

Continuously experimenting with #StartupCommunities, #EarlyStageStartups, and #CorporateInnovation led him to facilitate events with MTR, INFINITI, Apple, UNDP, Siemens, French Tech HK, InvestHK, RISE Conference, Techsauce, Echelon and more. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded Note-in,,, and now - a notebook to help founders track numbers that matter to their startup.

He has spent 11+ years in Greater China: Beijing, Hong Kong, and now Shanghai.
He is on Twitter and Instagram with @maboxiu.


I am fascinated by the speed of innovation in Greater China and how customers habits shift at an always increasing speed. Having lived in the region for over 10 years, I am working with some of the best entrepreneurs, corporations, and organizations to figure how we can stay ahead of everybody else.

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Acting as a bridge between large organizations and entrepreneurs, I am working closely with corporate partners to support their projects on culture transformation, ideation, team building, and intrapreneurship.


You wouldn't work with a Frenchman on innovating in Asia Pacific!
Unless you believe that getting out of your comfort zone is a key to success.


You want to foster the spirit of innovation in your organization, get insights on how entrepreneurs create value, and connect with the community of entrepreneurs.
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I have been on dozens of stages to engage with the audience in conversations on entrepreneurship, community building, and doing business in China.

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Currently developing the notebook for entrepreneurs Olea and having been involved with the early stage projects, Note-in, and jookapp, I have never shied away from experimenting and starting up!

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I support great founders. Entrepreneurs with passion and big dreams. I help with the Lean Model methodology, leadership, communication, and team building.

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