Matthieu Bodin

Entrepreneur & Community Builder


Matthieu Bodin is an entrepreneur and community builder. As Regional Manager for Techstars in Greater China, he works with 200+ community leaders in 17 different cities to empower project creators across the region.

Continuously experimenting with #Innovation led him to facilitate events with MTR, INFINITI, Apple, UNDP, Siemens, French Tech HK, InvestHK, RISE Conference, Techsauce, Echelon and more. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded Note-in,,, and now - a service to help founders track numbers that matter to their startup.

He has spent 11+ years in Greater China: Beijing, Hong Kong, and now Shanghai.
He is on Twitter and Instagram with @maboxiu.

Growing and nurturing startup communities wasn’t exactly part of my initial career plan.

When I arrived in Hong Kong in 2011, my objective was to launch my own startup: A L’Extreme. It was supposed to be a pop-up store agency, helping international brands to launch new products on the local market. It failed miserably, but the aspiration of creating a business remained. So to get in touch with like-minded people to exchange best practices, I joined the first Startup Weekend in the city that same year.

The #GiveFirst, #FoundersFirst and #NoTalkAllAction mindset on which Startup Weekend was centered around resonated so well with me that I decided to get involved with the organisation of the second edition in 2012. From there on, I would spend a fair share of my time supporting a movement that I am still deeply passionate about today.

Edition after edition and through other entrepreneurial-minded activities, I learned the ropes of grass-roots Community Building and experimented with HK Startups, a Slack group with over 400 entrepreneurs, who are committed to supporting each other. While growing Startup Weekend in HK to a community of 50+ volunteers and thousands of alumni, I was contacted by Business France in HK to co-create the French Tech HK  movement, which led to official recognition from the government and where I had the pleasure to speak at its press conference. I also headed DrinkEntrepreneurs HK for a little while, connecting entrepreneurs(to-be) from all backgrounds over a casual drink every month.

Even up till today, Community Builders are yet to receive the recognition and acknowledgement they deserve. Nevertheless, the key learnings and the many people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting over the past seven years taught me to believe in one's mission and share it loud and clear.

Now in Shanghai and as the Regional Manager for Techstars in Greater China, I’m building a resilient movement to help the next generation of entrepreneurs and Community Leaders. It is also my great pleasure to support Lingnan University as a Program Advisor and WeWork Labs Nanjing Xi Lu as their first Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

Morning routine at home:
6:35am - Wake Up
6:40am - Drink two glasses of water
6:50am - Jump on the indoor cycle for 30 minutes
7:30am - Drink two glasses of water
7:40am - Upper body workout
8:05am - Drink two glasses of water
8:10am - Meditate for 15 minutes
8:30am - Shower

Every second day -> replace cycle & workout with 40 minutes yoga

Typical challenges:
1. Early calls or meetings
2. Extra cold or warm in the apartment

Morning routine on the go:
6:45am - Wake up
7:00am - Head to the gym
7:10am - 30 min run on treadmill
7:50am - 20 min upper body workout
8:20am - 10 min meditation
8:45am - Shower (cleaning gear)

Every second day -> rest but trying to walk 10K+ steps

Typical challenges:
1. Early or late calls and meetings
2. No gym
3. Not enough water
4. Long days of conferencing
5. Not the proper shoes :(

Services used:
Indoor Cycle > The bike's app + Apple Watch
Workout at home > Fitbit Coach
Yoga > Fitstar Yoga
Treadmill > Fitbit Coach
Workout at the hotel > Nike Training
Meditation > Headspace
Water intake > Waterlogged (iOS)
Tracking Routine >

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Acting as a bridge between large organizations and entrepreneurs, I am working closely with corporate partners to support their projects on culture transformation, ideation, team building, and intrapreneurship.


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I am fascinated by the speed of innovation in Greater China and how customers habits shift at an always increasing speed. Having lived in the region for over ten years, I am working with some of the best entrepreneurs, corporations, and organizations to figure out how we can stay ahead of everybody else.

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